Ever since her childhood, Renu Mathur had visions about symbols, and colors. At the young age of 16, she was initiated into the mystical world of tarot, crystals, spells and colors by her spiritual teacher. Her psychic readings, intuitions took her deeper into the realms of White magic, crystal healing, Spells and Tarot.

Renu Mathur is the first mystic Shaman of India and has been a practicing Wiccan for the past almost 20 years. A Shaman is a healer who in ancient times was the village elders and spellcasters. Shamans and Wiccans use the energies of the natural elements - fire, water, air earth and various herbs, oils, etc to cast a spell. She is also the high priestess of the “Temple of the Sixth Heaven of the Coven of the Crescent Moon" for the past 17 years under the wiccan identity of Selene Moon Goddess. Her tools are candles and crystals, an athame (a crystal or metal wand) which help invoke blessings from natural elements without harming anyone. She is the “Mother of the Temple” – the highest title for a Shaman, for the past 3 years.

She founded “Academy of Tarot and Sciences of Divination”eleven years ago, to provide healing services and promote the study of occult sciences.

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Tarot is the study & analysis of cards which depict universal themes, patterns and elements in the form of imagery, symbols, numbers and names.

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Magic Spells

Wicca is a religious system that focuses on using the magic in harmony with nature and with harm to none. Wiccan rituals and spells are performed

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Reiki: Reiki is a method of complementary or alternative medicine, used to heal people. Reiki opens the path towards total relaxation. Reiki offers

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